10 Tips For Reducing Finger Prick Pain

Dude, pricking your finger is a pain, literally. I've gathered some simple tricks from experts in diabetes care to help you not feel like a voodoo doll.

1. Prick the Sides of Your Fingers
I was taught this trick by the nurses in the ICU. The pads of your fingers have the most nerve endings in order to have a better sense of touch, thus causing more pain. The sides of your fingers have less nerve endings and work just as well for glucose readings. 

2. Switch Fingers Regularly
Diabetics tend to have their favorite fingers for poking, but this never lets them heal! Testing on the
same few fingers increases the risk for soreness and infection. Over time, calluses and scar tissue can form, which may make it more difficult and painful to obtain a blood sample. God gave us 10 fingers, so lets use all of them!

3. Use Soap And Water - Not Alcohol
I was taught from the beginning to never use alcohol swabs before testing because they could give an inaccurate reading, but they can also cause more pain. According to certified diabetes educator,

General Diabetes Infographic

Before getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, my knowledge of the disease was quite limited. I quickly realized, I am not alone. Most of the population of the United States doesn't understand what diabetes is and how many types/forms there are. (2 principle types, and 6 other forms, BTW). A typical response I receive after telling people I have T1D is, "Oh, but you aren't even out of shape." They automatically think of the most popular type of diabetes: Type 2, which is quite different from Type 1. Check out the infographic I made compared Type 1 and Type 2 here

In the meantime, check out this general diabetes infographic I created below. 
The numbers are staggering.