June Destination: Texas Hill Country

I'm now 6 months into my "Travel More" New Year's Resolution. It's honestly the best resolution I've ever chosen. Traveling brings me so much joy. It makes it much easier to stick to unlike those 'workout 5 times a week' or 'lose 10 pounds' goals. I believe that the key to happiness is to have something to look forward to. It gives you something to strive for at all times. My resolution motivates me and gives me so much to look forward to each and every month! I love being continuously excited for my next adventure!

May Destination: Cabo San Lucas

Five months strong for my New Year's Resolution! For my May destination I went abroad to Baja California! My teenage dreams came true vacationing in Cabo San Lucas just like the teenagers from one of my favorite reality shows, Laguna Beach. I watched their glamorous beachside lifestyles from my Indiana red brick home. I wished longingly to travel abroad for my Spring Break. So, here I am 10 years later finally making my dreams come true! So here are all the deets from our trip!

Dexcom G6 Review

I finally worked up the courage to try a CGM (constant glucose monitor) when I saw the brand spanking new Dexcom G6. I reached out to Dexcom and told them to put me on a list once the G6 was released and they added me to the Launch Program last minute. I was so honored to be part of the first 1,000 people to receive the G6, but also nervous at the same time. I was NOT given the Dexcom G6 for free nor asked to write a review - I just want to!

April Destination: Palm Springs

Here's to crossing another month off my "Travel More" New Year's Resolution. I recently discovered only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolution! EIGHTY percent of them fail by February! Unreal. Reading that only made me more determined to stick to my goal of traveling outside of Los Angeles once a month. For the month of April I took a 3 day trip with my friend and co-worker, Alyssa to Palm Springs! I had only been there once to work and wedding and never left the venue, so I was excited to finally see what this town has to offer!

March Destination: Ojai, CA

My 2018 New Year's Resolution was to travel more! (At least get out of Los Angeles at least once every month). For the previous two months I traveled by plane, so I chose a budget-friendly day trip to Ojai, California for the month of March. My trip was inspired by the film, Easy A featuring one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone. (She's my dream BFF).

10 Fashionable Medical Alert IDs

I was really against the idea of wearing a Medical ID bracelet after my diagnosis. I only associated them with the boring, masculine, and chunky chain link bracelets advertised at the Walgreens pharmacy counter. My Mom shared with me a few websites that carried fashionable options - I had no idea! There are actually many options out there that don't shove the 'medical look' in your face and allow you to completely personalize your bracelet, necklace, or charm of your choice. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Medical IDs.

February Destination: Mendocino County

I stuck with my "Travel More" New Years Resolution into the month of February. Woohoo! Two month streak. Conveniently, my boyfriend's dad, David, bought a oceanside house in Elk, California so Brad and I planned a visit! You may be thinking of Elk Grove. No, that's a suburb of Sacramento. This is a tiny hidden gem inside Mendocino County with a population of 250. If you blink, you'll miss it. So don't blink. Keep your eyes open. You don't want to miss the epic views, gorgeous redwoods, and quaint little towns.