How To Sell on Poshmark (And Be Successful)

I needed to downsize when moved into my boyfriend's studio apartment. I decided to try selling my clothing and accessories on Poshmark in order to make some extra cash. I've never had luck selling my items to Plato's Closet or Buffalo Exchange. I always left so frustrated and annoyed that I wasted time at those places. Since starting Poshmark in June of 2016, I have made over $1,700 selling my stuff! Interested? Check out my tips below and start Poshing!
The Poshmark app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices. You will need to download the app in order to sell items, but you can also use to view, share, and purchase items. Sign up HERE and save $5 using my code NTUMB!

Poshmark is a marketplace for women's, kids' and men's fashion and accessories. Pre-owned items can be listed on Poshmark if they are clean and in good condition. All items must be clearly and accurately represented. Click here for a list of prohibited items.

App Structure
The Home feed features all the latest postings and shared items by people you follow. Your Closet is where you'll see all your listings both currently available and sold. Each listing can be purchased by the listed price or buyer offers. There you can counteroffer or accept their bid. The News tab shows all your activity: new followers, listing shares, comments, likes, ratings, offers and purchases.

Yes, unfortunately Poshmark does take a percentage of your sales in order for them to make money. All listings on Poshmark are free. Once sold and item under $15, Poshmark charges a flat $2.95 fee and above $15, Poshmark charges 20%.

Poshmark has a flat rate of $6.95 that the buyer pays when purchasing the item. Once someone has purchased a listing from your closet, you will instantly receive an email with a prepaid USPS shipping label. Print it and use any unmarked bag, box, or the free priority mailing envelopes from USPS. You can order them for free here**Note: You CANNOT use the Flat Rate, Express, or Regional Rate shipping boxes or envelopes! 

First, click the 'Sell' button in the menu panel at the bottom of the Poshmark app. It will immediately open a camera screen as you see below. There you can take a photo of your item or click the folder button to upload a picture you've already taken. I recommend using ALL FOUR photo uploads when listing an item. Poshmark recently updated their photo uploads to 8. Here I modeled the item and took a front, back, tag, fabric, and detailed photo.

Next, you will write a listing title and detailed description. You must select a category, size, and color for every listing. My hoodie is not a popular or well known brand, so I left it blank, but wrote it in the description and where I purchased the hoodie. I don't know the original price, so I left it at $0, but I always research and try to find an original price. It's always good for people to know what kind of deal they are getting! Once you've filled out all the appropriate information, you click 'NEXT' and then 'LIST." The app will then upload your photos and your listing will immediately appear at the top of your closet.

1. Fill Your Closet
The more listings you have, the better! The more variety and sizes you have in your closet the more it will appeal to others. With time, you'll notice which brands and trends shoppers are looking for, so you can make sure you’re stocking coveted items that will lead to more eyeballs on your closet.

2. Take High Quality Photos
It's a known fact, humans are attracted to beautiful photos. (Hence, Instagram). Make sure your photos are well lit with clean, nicely staged items. If your closet doesn’t catch the eye of others, they may not follow. Some people have time to take amazing pictures of them modeling the item, or style the it with a flat lay type photo.

3. Write Strong Titles & Descriptions
Most people search by brand name, so make sure to put the brand (if well known and on-demand) in your title. I always write name variations in the description that people may search for. Example: swim suit, bathing suit, bikini, etc. Take the extra time to include the materials the items are made of and the dimensions. People always ask for these! Be honest about the condition (and include photos if their are blemishes). Popular acronyms used:
NWT – New With Tags
EUC – Excellent Used Condition
NWOT – New Without Tags

4. Be Active
The key to success on Poshmark is SHARING. I recommend sharing all your available listings in your closet at least once a day to increase exposure in your follower's feeds. Sharing keeps the listings at the top of search results, brand pages, followers’ Feeds, and showrooms! Not only is self-sharing highly effective, but sharing other's listings is too! Poshmark encourages to return a share for share because it helps everyone expand their networks and reach new buyers. Teamwork!

5. Follow Others To Gain Followers
Poshmark is by far the easiest social media platform to gain followers. I have more followers on Poshmark than all my social media accounts COMBINED. Most active users will always follow you back once you follow them. Poshmark also encourages you to follow 'new people.' The app makes it easy for you to follow others. Click your closet name on the bottom menu, then select 'Find People.' There you are search others by My Brands (your fav brands), My City, My College, and New People.

6. Stay Classy
Poshmark Etiquette: Never advertise on another closet that you have the same item for less. Never comment you found the lister's item at the store for less. Do not give lowball offers. Acknowledge someone's question on your listing. Once someone 'likes' your listing, do not tag them in a comment to ask if they want to purchase it. Spread the love by sharing each others listings, leaving love notes and compliments, communicating openly, and following all guidelines.

7. Offer a Bundle Discount
People love getting a deal! Under "My Seller Tools' you can offer a discount to get 5%-30% off when bundling from 2 to 7 items. Once others notice you offer a bundle discount they are more likely to search your entire closet for multiple items. That way they only have to pay for the shipping cost once.

8. Drop Prices Strategically
This is a great way of making a sale, especially on an item that has lots of likes! When you drop the price 10% or more a notification will be sent to all the users who 'liked' the item. Price drops also trigger shipping discounts made by Poshmark. This also works best on Thursdays and Fridays, when people get paid!

9. Have Fun With Packaging
When I first started selling, I always took the time to write a thank you note and wrapped the item in pretty tissue paper and washi tape. Over time, I've gotten lazy and stopped. However, I truly believe that packaging your items with care increases your closet rating. Treat it as a reflection of you and your closet branding.

10. Ship Quickly
We live in a society where we want instant gratification. Everyone wants their packages NOW! So, of course the faster you ship your items, the happier your buyers will be! Plus, you'll get paid faster! It will also improve your Average Ship Time rating, which people can view before purchasing from your closet.

Hope these tips help you become a successful Posher! Comment below with your Poshmark Closet name so I can follow! 😃

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