Sleek Treat Review + Coupon Code | April 2017

If you know me, you understand my obsession with subscription services. I discovered Sleek Treat about a month after my diabetes diagnosis and immediately signed up. Sugar Free treats?! YES PLEASE! Inside each Sleek Treat Box, you can expect a mixture of Sugar-Free chocolates, cookies, hard candies, jellies & more unique finds to scintillate your taste buds. Every box will have new and exciting flavors and will always feature a variety of snacks.

I couldn't wait for the box to arrive in the mail. I became impatient and actually contacted Sleek Treat asking when it would be shipped. They informed me that boxes are shipped around the 20th of each month and take 3-6 business days to arrive. (Boxes are shipped from the East Coast).

Each Sleek Treat Box includes 5-8 hand picked Gourmet Treats shipped FREE directly to your door. When you sign up for Sleek Treat, every month you will receive a box of Sugar Free hand-curated confections that they scoured the world for. They even taste-test products to make sure we love it! 

Each box includes an insert detailing nutritional information, serving size and information about each product. So helpful for us type 1 diabetics! 

1 bag | low carb | Product of Switzerland
I'm not really a tea person. When I try it, it tastes like I'm drinking hot water flavored by a twig. However, my boyfriend enjoyed trying them! The variety pack included: Green Passion, La Camomille, Lady Grey, The Oolong Finest (known to help stabilize blood sugar), Peach Rooibos, and Hawaiian Cocktail. This brand is very chic and luxurious based off their packaging and branding. I loved how the back of each tea bag listed the following information: Tea name, time of day to drink it, mood, origin, intensity rating, taste, color, aroma, temperature of water, and minutes to prepare.

1 bag 50g | 33g carbs | Made in Canada | @eatsmartsweets
This company prides itself on having "No artificial anything!" Their packaging lists the gummies as Gluten Free, High in Fiber (sames as 8 servings of veggies), Free from Sugar Alcohols, Peanut & Tree Nut Free (made in a nut free facility), Dairy & Soy free, and only 2g of Sugar! However, the gummies do contain gelatin for those vegetarians out there - sorry! By bag of gummy bears contained 4 flavors: raspberry, peach, green apple, and lemon. Unfortunately for me, by bag contained maybe 1 raspberry and 384038543 peach bears (I hate peaches). Don't worry, I still ate them.

1 bar 1.25 oz | 20g carbs
Simply Decadent is right. I'VE GOTTA GET ME SOME MORE OF THESE! I loved the rich milk chocolate and soft caramel center. You'd never know it was without sugar or artificial sweeteners! These are the best alternative to the classic turtle. I ate half the bar at a time due to its 20g of carbs. Contains Milk, Soy, and Tree Nuts (pecans).

La Nouba Dark Chocolate with Fruit Bar
1 bar 1.23oz | 35g carbs | Made in Belgium
Those Belgians are known for making some GOOD chocolate. This low carb fruit bar is made from natural ingredients, gluten free and sweetened from stevia plant. Luckily, the bar breaks into small sections, making it easier to portion over a few days. The bar looks like a solid piece of dark chocolate, but once you bite into it you can definitely taste the blueberries and strawberries!

Spry BerryBlast Mints
1 piece | .5g carbs
Once you open the container you are, indeed, blasted with the smell of berry! These tiny pink mints taste more like little sugar free candies than mints. I recommend eating at least 3 at a time to get a good taste. The mints are 100% Xylitol which is Dentist & Hygienist recommend, gluten free, and Non-GMO. According to Xlear, Clinical studies have shown that xylitol used in your daily routine may reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve overall oral health.

Rise Buddy Sour Cream & Onion chips
1 bag 1.4oz | 31g carbs | Product of Thailand
These are the first gluten free chips I had ever tasted. I found them so interesting! I love the colorful comic book like illustration on the bag. It will definitely catch your eye in the store! The sour cream and onion chips are colorless (just a light golden color like most chips) and are in a unique 1.5" x 1.25" hexagon shape. Like most bag o' chips, it comes half full, but it contained about 30 rise crisps, which is better than most. FYI to lactose intolerant and celiacs: Pizza and Sour Cream & Onion, unfortunately, contain milk.

Atkins Endulge Nutty Fudge Brownie
1 bar 40g | 18g carbs | 2g net carbs
This was the only brand in my box that I recognized. My boyfriend has Atkins bars stocked in our fridge at all times, but I had never tried an endulge bar. With the first bite these remind me of the Little Debby fudge brownies I use to eat as a kid. Sadly, this Endulge brownie left me with a weird after taste that I didn't enjoy. I wish Atkins would create all natural flavored products. 

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