Obsessed with Myabetic + Coupon Code

Okay, so I'm completely obsessed with Myabetic. I seriously whip out my bag any chance I get to show people. All my friends (non-diabetics) just think its a super cute wallet. You'd never know it holds all my diabetes supplies!

I stumbled upon Myabetic a few days after I was discharged from the hospital. The founder of Myabetic, Kyrra Richards' story resonated with me on a very personal level. She was also diagnosed with Type 1 in her 20s, and never wanted the disease to define her. She gave me an optimistic mindset during the most difficult month of my life. She considers herself a Diabetes Fashionista. I love that.

"I founded Myabetic to start a to end the impersonal, standard-issue criterion. I wanted better, more vibrant options. Instead of apathetically surrendering to the disease, I could contribute. I used my artistic passion to give diabetes management a fresh new look." -Kyrra

Isn't she a badass? Or should I say, Diabadass? Read more of her story here.

I have the "Banting" Bag in Paradise Blue. It currently comes in six other colors! They also carry many other cases appealing to women, men and children, frio cooling pouches, Dexcom and Tandem accessories, and t-shirts!

The Clark Diabetes Compact Double Zip bags are available for purchase in the diabetes section in Target Stores nation wide and on Target.com!

Myabetic has a convenient short quiz you can take to help you find the right bag for your needs. Depending on the type of glucose meter, test items, and insulin supplies you carry will factor into the size of bag you will need.

Check out how I use my bag. I even made you a fancy little graphic! haha *Click to view larger

I love how all Myabetic's cases/bags are named after someone influential to diabetes history or Kyrra herself. As noted, my bag was named after Sir Frederick Grant Banting who discovered insulin! Smart man.

I absolutely love my bag for all its organizational pouches, compartments and loops. Since taking this photo I have replaced my syringes with my other insulin (Lantus) pen. I definitely prefer my pens over syringes and insulin vials. I also love how Myabetic thought of everything and included a removable waste pouch. While I'm out and about, I stow my used lancets, needles, and other trash in the pouch until I can properly dispose them in a sharps container at home or in a fancy public bathroom that actually provides one.

Each bag includes detailed information, multiple images, a video, and customer reviews. Myabetic offers free shipping within the United States and a flat rate of 12USD for international purchases. They also have a 30 day return policy within the United States, making it a risk-free endeavor!

Ditch that generic black nylon case you've been using and find a fashion bag that fits your personality and diabetic needs! Know someone with diabetes? These bags make a great gift! =)

Coupon Code for 15% off: TYPELOVELY

If you buy a case for yourself or someone else, let me know which one and how you like it in the comments below! I'm obsessed.

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