Sleek Treat Review | May 2017

If you know me, you understand my obsession with subscription services. I discovered Sleek Treat about a month after my diabetes diagnosis and immediately signed up. Sugar Free treats?! YES PLEASE! Inside each Sleek Treat Box, you can expect a mixture of Sugar-Free chocolates, cookies, hard candies, jellies & more unique finds to scintillate your taste buds. Every box will have new and exciting flavors and will always feature a variety of snacks.

Each Sleek Treat Box includes 5-8 hand picked Gourmet Treats shipped FREE directly to your door. When you sign up for Sleek Treat, every month you will receive a box of Sugar Free hand-curated confections that they scoured the world for. They even taste-test products to make sure we love it!

4 pieces | 13g carbs | Product of Spain | Gluten Free
I was PUMPED to get a huge full size chocolate bar. It barely fit inside the box! Torras is a Spanish chocolatier founded in 1890! It breaks into big squares, but has a dusty/chalky look. Once you bite into it you will see it is indeed dark chocolate, but it has a chalky taste as well. All their products are Gluten Free and they offer a handful of other sugar free options. Allergy alert: Manufactured on equipment that processes milk, almond, hazelnut, and coconut. 

4 pieces | 2g carbs | Gluten Free
This company prides itself on having "No artificial anything!" Dr. John knows what he is doing. He's an experienced dentist creating sugar free treats using Xylitol, which is good for your teeth. Their company is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan (Go Big Ten)! I gotta say, these mints are pretty tasty for someone who doesn't like melon. Sleek Treat has been introducing me to lots of unique flavored mints! I'm stocked up for months.

1 bar | 14g carbs | Gluten Free | Vegan
Just looking at this bar makes me feel healthy. Majority of the contents are green seeds and oats. My bar started to become a crumbly mess before I opened it. So it can be messy to eat. It is jam packed with protein and great source of fiber (6g). This FiBar has a double shot of antioxidants from the highest quality of Japanese matcha tea and the miracle spice ginger. This was my lease favorite item in the box. I enjoy granola bars with seeds and almonds, but the matcha tea ginger flavoring was not yummy. Allergy Alert: Contains Almonds.

La Nouba White Chocolate Bar
1 bar  | 35 carbs | .7g per portion | Made in Belgium | Gluten Free
Those Belgians are known for making some GOOD chocolate. This low carb chocolate bar is made from natural ingredients, gluten free and sweetened from stevia plant. Luckily, the bar breaks into small sections, making it easier to portion over a few days. I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate, but this bar is smooth and rich with vanilla flavor.

Vitalize Mints - Lime
1-2 pieces | 1g carb | Gluten Free
I was intrigued by these lime flavored mints. I love the branding/packaging for this brand as well. The mints are a unique geometric shape with a white crystal color. The mints are very refreshing, but aren't quite strong enough to cover bad breath. Their mints are made with a blend of natural flavors and electrolytes to keep you going all day long. They use Xylitol as an alternative to sugar because it won't spike your blood sugar and its great for your teeth!

ChocoRite Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters
2 pieces | g carbs | 2g Net Carbs | Gluten Free
Of course this was the first thing I went for. The packet contains 2 delicious circle pecan clusters, perfect for dessert after 2 meals! I was surprised to read that this company is based out of Evansville, IN! This is about 2 hours away from where I grew up and where some of my family lives. Hey Fam - Grab me some more of these! These mouth watering pecan clusters are a safe alternative for all diets including Weight Watchers, South Beach, and Atkins! These puppies are 100 calories per pack and contain 15g of Fiber. They also carry 5 other flavors of low carb treats!

Dr. John's Hard Candy Variety Pack
All treats vary in carbs | Gluten Free
As soon as you open the bag you are hit with a scent of sweetness! My variety bag contained 5 white gum mints, 1 rainbow candy, 1 orange candy, and 2 suckers. The minty gum has a hard outer coating, but are soft and chewy. They have an intense, refreshing taste better for masking bad breath, but I recommend using more than one.

Tiasno Rose Cacao Tea Sample
1 bag 12g | ~1g carb | 100% Organic | Gluten Free
Again, I am not a tea drinker but when I saw "Chocolate Tea" on the label my ears perked up. However, drinking hot water flavored by organic rose petals and cocoa shells is a bit strange. The label read: "In ancient times [roses] were prized for their aroma, medicinal and nutritional properties. The soothing floral aroma of roses relaxes while the sweetness of chocolate excites - a delicate balance of perfection." It tastes pretty much the same as it smells: chocolatey with a hint of rose. The first time my boyfriend had a cup he passed out immediately.

You can Tag 3 friends on Instagram & share your box on social media using #SleekTreat to win a Free Month!

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