Sleek Treat Review | June 2017

My subscription service addiction continues! I discovered Sleek Treat about a month after my diabetes diagnosis and immediately signed up. Sugar Free treats?! YES PLEASE! Inside each Sleek Treat Box, you can expect a mixture of Sugar-Free chocolates, cookies, hard candies, jellies & more unique finds to scintillate your taste buds. Every box will have new and exciting flavors and will always feature a variety of snacks.

Each Sleek Treat Box includes 5-8 hand picked Gourmet Treats shipped FREE directly to your door. When you sign up for Sleek Treat, every month you will receive a box of Sugar Free hand-curated confections that they scoured the world for. They even taste-test products to make sure we love it!
This is my 3rd Sleek Treat box I've received and I just realized each box has a different theme. June's box is a "Hello Sunshine" theme, perfect for summer. So, I had to find an appropriate background to capture these delicious treats! I'm so thankful that a subscription service like this exists. It targets people, like me, who love sweets, but have dietary restrictions such has low carb, gluten free, and vegan. Thanks for thinking of us Sleek Treat! It's such a fun surprise to open up each month and I enjoy sharing them with my boyfriend, too!

1 bag | 29g carbs | Made in USA
I've never been a beef jerky fan, but I know it is great for road trips and long hikes! My boyfriend has cut out red meat from his diet as well, so my review is coming from his best friend, Marshal. "It was pretty dry. It wasn't the tastiest however the "flavor" had a decent kick to it. I was very hungry at the time and ate the whole pack. I was in the bus on the way up [to camp] so it served a good purpose. Would have liked to see more in the package b again I was very hungry." He gave it a B- overall. Strollo's beef Jerky is homemade with 100% all natural USDA certified beef in the USA.
Allergy alert: Contains Soy, Wheat

1 pouch | 7g carbs | 11g Protein | #speadthefit | Made in USA
I was so excited to try this stuff! I loved the packaging/branding identity of this company. (My graphic design brain talking). When I finally opened my package it did have a lot of runny liquid inside. I created a mess on the table trying to spread it on my toast. It is a thick grainy spread, not smooth like nutella, but the taste was very good! It has a strong peanut butter taste with chocolate mixed in. I'd love to try some more of their spreads. 
Allergy alert: Contains peanuts, coconut milk, soy. Manufactured in a facility that also processes almonds.

1 bar | 24g carbs | 2-3g Net Carbs | 22g Protein | Gluten Free | Made in USA
Again, I LOVED the packaging/branding for this company as well. I'm usually not a huge 'birthday cake' flavor fan, but this bar was delicious. I wanted to eat it all in one sitting, but I knew I shouldn't do to the amount of carbs. I think I finished it over the course of 3 days. It smelled amazing too! They carry FOURTEEN flavors of ONE bars. I'm really wanting to try the Chocolate Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Brownie next. Can you tell I'm a chocoholic? 
Allergy Alert: Contains milks and soy.

Jake Vitamincandy
1 package | 16g carbs | Gluten Free | Made in USA
Sleek treat has stocked me up with sugar free mints FOR DAAAAYS! Jake Vitamincandy mints come in seven flavors. I was bummed I received mango flavor. Mango and Peach are probably my least favorite fruits. However, the packaging was cute and holds 15 mints in a pack. Each one is a rounded triangle shape and did smell like mango as well. I gave the rest of them to my boyfriend's brother who LOVED them. I'm curious to try the raspberry or grape flavor!

Pandora's Pops Summer Celebration Jewels
2.4 calories per gram | Gluten Free | Vegan | Handmade in California
These were very interesting little candies. I received the 'Summer Celebration Sampler' pack of 3 jewel shaped candies in blue, pink and white. I tried the blue (blue raspberry) candy first. It smelled like raspberry and had a nice flavor. You can suck on them for a little while, but as soon as you bite into them they crumble into small pieces leaving you with a cool sensation that melt into your tongue. Sweetened with Xylitol, plant fiber crystals. Keep away from dogs!

True Citrus Drink Mixes
1 packet | 3g carbs | Gluten Free | Made in USA
These drink mixes made me SO happy. I've been super disappointed in the fact I can no longer drink lemonade, juice, or certain soft drinks after being diagnosed. I hadn't even looked into finding a sugar free lemonade, because I honestly didn't think it would even exist. And if it did exist, it would probably taste horrid. I tried the strawberry lemonade flavor first. I poured 16oz of water per instructions and mixed in the powder. It smelled delightful and tasted amazing. I downed it so fast! I can have lemonade again!!! YAY!

La Nouba Crisp Wafer
1 bar | 18g carbs | Product of Belgium
So, this was the first product I devoured. It's chocolate. Surprised? Again, the Belgians know what they are doing when it comes to chocolate delights. This is the 2nd or 3rd treat I've had by La Nouba, and I have to say - I'm a fan! It's a little hard for me to read their nutrition labels because they are literally written in like 10 languages. It's hard to believe this chocolate waffer is sugar free and low carb! I admit...I licked the wrapper clean.
Allergy Alert: Contains gluten, eggs, soy, milk

Coco Polo 70% Dark Elderberry
1/2 bar | 16g carbs | Vegan | Gluten Free | Made in USA
I always get excited when I receive a full size candy bar in my Sleek Treat box! This bar is fantastic for everyone because it is gluten free and vegan! HOORAY! This company uses stevia as their sweetener which comes from Oahu, Hawaii! I was sent the Elderberry dark chocolate flavor which is grown high up in the Austrian Alps. I was hit with the aroma of chocolate and elderberry once I opened the package and immediately took a bite. You get a taste of dark chocolate and blueberry "a massive dose of antioxidants and a very satisfying chocolate experience." Coco Polo is available in 6 different flavors in both dark and milk chocolate.
Allergy Alert: Soy

You can Tag 3 friends on Instagram & share your box on social media using #SleekTreat to win a Free Month!

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