12 Tips to Improve Your Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal styling subscription service for men & women that sends clothing to your door! It is constantly in the news and now carries Womens, Petites, Plus Size, and Mens clothing, shoes, and accessories.

1. Fill Out The Entire Style Profile
Stitch Fix has a lengthy style profile for a reason - they need to get to know you! The more information they have, the better your Fixes will be! It is important to fill out every little detail from pant fit/silhouette preferences to your budget. Hint- Don't avoid too much - it will make it difficult for a stylist to send you a well rounded Fix.

2. Write Important Info in Profile Note
Some customers may be confused with the difference between their "Profile Note" and "Fix Request Note." A profile note is a text box at the end of your style profile. Whatever you write there will ALWAYS show up with your profile each time you are styled. I suggest typing important information like: "I have red hair/fair skin" or "I wear scrubs for work" or "I never wear turtlenecks, high heels, etc." The Fix Request Note is only your requests for that one particular Fix.
3. Keep Style Profile Up To Date
The best time to update your style profile is after each Fix when your feedback is fresh on your mind. Check it often. Did you lose weight? Update your profile! New job? Update your profile! Wanting to try a new trend? Update your profile!

4. Upload A Full Length Photo
Stitch Fix now lets you upload a photo of yourself to your style profile via the Stitch Fix app -exclusively for iPhone. What a great way for your stylist to actually see who you are! I highly recommend uploading a head-to-toe shot wearing your favorite outfit or go-to style. Hate being photographed? I get it. At least take the time to write the color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone in your Style Profile Note.

5. Describe Your Work/Daily Wardrobe
Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or CEO, please tell your stylist! Don't select 'other' as your occupation. This is too vague. A lot of the job title options in the Style Profile are a bit vague/broad so please let your stylist know your job title and your work attire (especially restrictions ie, jeans, sleeveless, etc). If you are a stay-at-home mom - awesome! Let them know your go-to style, ages of your children, and daily routine so they can help find the perfect outfits to fit your lifestyle.

6. Create a Pinterest
I can't recommend this enough! A style board on Pinterest is the BEST way for a stylist to understand your style very quickly. First, make sure your style board is set to public and easy to find. They can't see it if it is hidden! I'm a huge fan of Pinterest so I understand having over 20+ boards, but please put your Stitch Fix or style boards on the top of your line up. Make sure you copy+paste the link of your Pinterest to your style profile and double check that it works. Another great way of communicating to your stylist is editing the captions of your Pins! If the caption says, "love this top" but it was written by the previous pinner, they won't know! Also, follow Stitch Fix on Pinterest and repin our items and they'll do their best to include them in your future Fixes!

7. Try Everything On
Always. Always. Always! You'll be surprise how often customers see an item they hate in the box, but once they try it on, they fall completely in love. Stitch Fix is fun, and they want to introduce you to new styles, trends, and items you wouldn't pick off the rack!

8. Leave Detailed Feedback
This is the best way to improve your Fixes. Take the time to fill out the ENTIRE check out survey, and leave written feedback. Don't just select "Hate it." Whether you love or hate the item, you must leave written feedback to explain why. Is it the color? The fit? The style? Tell your stylist! They want you to LOVE your Fixes. Nothing gets them down more than disappointing a client!

9. Send Us Links To Requested Items
If you don't have a Pinterest, send your stylist a direct link to items you see online. Just writing "I liked the black top advertised" is not specific enough. Stitch Fix promotes items on their Website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Email Newsletters, and now Commercials! Stylists aren't detectives in hunting down the item you saw once. The best way to upload or pin an item you love is on your style board via Pinterest, but you can always copy+paste the link of the item in your Fix Request Note. Be sure to point out the location or date it was posted - be specific!

10. Be Kind
Stitch Fix appreciates honesty, but please remember they are real people reading your feedback. If you are having a bad day, or extremely disappointed in your Fix I recommend filling out the check out survey the next day with a fresh mind.

11. Read The Styling Note
It's shocking how many women do not read their styling note. It's the only way for the stylists to communicate with you, so please don't throw it away! In the note we explain why they hand-picked these specific items. They also include styling tips and questions. Treat your Stylist like a pen pal and write back to them!

12. Request Your Stylist Again!
Communication with your stylist is key to receiving items you love. By requesting your stylist again, you will build a relationship and your stylist will really get to learn your style over time. Be patient! They may not nail it the first time, but if you follow these tips you'll be sure to receive your best Fix ever!

At the end of the day, the more you put into your Fixes the more you will get out of them.

Want me to style your Fix? Request "Ashley Fischer" in your Fix Request Note or Profile Note!

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